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Unfortunately, not all contractors are good at their job. We want to make sure only that good businesses have listed on this directory. We do this manually. We check the detail to make sure all the information is legit!
LPACO will list and update those contractors who have a good reputation in Lancaster County. Taking into account factors such as:
  • Business reviews. We use platforms such as Google reviews, Yelp and Facebook, etc to identify the good contractors.
  • Getting in contact. Do the contractors make it easy for clients, past, to contact them? Do they provide a working phone number, a website or free quotes, etc.
  • Client testimonials. Happy clients are those who have received a great service.  Any testimonials we receive will be taken into account.
Our goal is to make sure you not only find a contractor but that they offer you a superb service.

What is LPACO and how does it work?

If you live in Lancaster, PA, and have residential or even commercial contracting needs, this website will help you find local contracting business.

Not every business can add their information to LPACO. We only accept businesses that have a physical location in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These businesses also need to offer contracting services.

This way we can keep the website simple, easy to use, and accurate. LPACO will manually review each business listing submitted to make sure they comply with our standards.

If there are contractor categories missing (I'm sure there are) send me a message via the contact form and request to have it added.