As a homeowner, who lives in Lancaster, PA, I was having a difficult time trying to find contractors for different projects around my house.

Don't ask me to fix anything around the home

I'm not a handyman, I don't have a shed full of tools and would make more of a mess rather than fix anything.

I'm not a web developer either

I'm not a web developer, but I did want to create a central hub where homeowners and businesses could find contractors for specific projects.

The struggle is real

I know I'm not the only one who struggles hanging drywall, hates painting and finds yard work a drag.

So that is why LPACO (el-pak-oh) was created. A place for you and me to find contractors to do the jobs we don't want to do and do them right.

So take a look around, and find help your home projects.



How does LPACO work?

If you live in Lancaster, PA and have residential or even commercial contracting needs, this website will help you find businesses.

Not every business can add their information or advertise on LPACO. LPACO only accepts businesses that have a physical location in Lancaster County. These businesses also need to offer contracting services.

This way we can keep the website simple, easy to use and accurate.

To keep the website operational and to cover the cost, LPACO uses ads to help cover costs. These ads are pre-approved to ensure they are relevant and helpful to the users.

If there are contractor categories missing (I'm sure there are) send me a message via the contact form and request to have it added.